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Occasions - Gems of life


Occasions are the gems of life that makes the journey of verve beautiful and their enjoyment add more joy to the occasion. Wouldn't you like to enjoyment the birth of your new born baby, your wedding anniversary, or your official success etc with your near and dear ones? The spirits of enjoyment elevates to another height with finest arrangements around like perfect destination, venue, décor, food and other arrangement. Add the pinch of excellence and class to your enjoyment with renowned and finest enjoyment planning and organization, More Than Travel.

Planning, a small word is not just about listing on the piece of paper only. It is in fact about penning things to do and get them as per occasion along with confirming arrangement at right moment and right place. No matter how smart planner you are, but last minute rush is inevitable without experts. More Than travel fetches you occasions and enjoyment solutions to avoid your hassles of planning and arrangements. Our expert team works upon the giving best possible locations within the circle of your preference and monetary constraints and finally rest the entire decision on our clients to take their final call. We target and emphasize to accomplish every minute needs from guest handling, accommodations, transportations to the requirements of ticketing. We assure economic way out for every luxury need of yours.

We are resource of way out for event branding in the venue in accordance to the occasion and also extend the amenity of sightseeing at any destination chosen. Our aim is to register your occasion in the list of triumphant events not just in your and our memoir, but deep into the hearts and reminiscences of invitees. Rely on us and our highly practiced crew of tour managers. enjoyment every occasion in style, elegance and perfection with us, More Than Travel which feels that you deserve rich and flawless enjoyment as special occasions doesn’t come so often. Rejoice with friends and families at prices worth the gala.

Services we provide

  • Spotting and booking an ideal venue within your means
  • Guest management services
  • Personalized destination experiences
  • Air ticketing for groups
  • Communique and coordination with Hotel & Event team
  • Accommodation and Transport for the duration
  • Organizing Event branding
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Professional tour manager services

Enjoyment of popular occasions with your family or friends at any time and any where in the world with More Than Travel as per choice. More Than Travel offer a wide range of specially designed celebratory tour packages that you can choose from the list.


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